Hi beautiful. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Because before we get started I want you to know that whatever you might think, and whatever the fitness industry is telling you – You Are Beautiful. Got that? Good. Now we are getting somewhere.

I don’t know about you, but I am bored AF of being told by the media how women should look. I want gorgeous women, women just like you, to feel like the total badass goddesses that they are.

And so I am super excited to announce the upcoming launch of BarBelles; an online personal training service that goes so much deeper than getting you ‘summer ready’, because I already know you’re smokin’ in that bikini you total hottie. It’s about getting you to the point where fitness, nutrition and healthy living helps you know that too. It’s getting those of you who have been too scared to step into the male-dominated weights area of your gym put those bros to shame with your awesome technique and general badassery. It’s leaving our disordered habits around food and feelings of shame and guilt behind. It’s about joining an empowering community of like-minded women who kick ass not just in the gym but in their careers and day to day lives too.

So what can you expect from joining the BarBelles team?

  •  Monthly, personalised and goal-specific training programmes completely tailored to you. There’s no copying and pasting going on here, pinkie promise on that.
  • Anxiety-free nutrition coaching with monthly calories and macros worked out for you to help you achieve your goals, be they fat loss, muscle building or weight gain. Oh, and did I mention I don’t believe in good or bad food? Just in food being ah-mazing. So that means we work in the food you like, guilt-free, while helping create a happy relationship around healthy eating to support your goals.
  • Weekly Skype/Facetime & email check-ins for both training and nutrition. I’m here to help you feel accountable and honestly, to make your relationship with fitness a happy and enjoyable one.
  • A badass community of fellow BarBelles thanks to the client-only private Facebook group. Share everything with your comrades, from gym accomplishments to delicious plan-friendly recipes you’ve found. Forming outside friendships is strongly encouraged.
  • Your very own daily hype girl. Yeah, that’s right, I’m all about bigging you up my lovely. With BarBelles online personal training you get unlimited Whatsapp & email support every single day. No achievement is too small, no question is silly, I want to hear it all.

Sound like something you’d like to be part of?

Register your interest below to find out more, for prices and for a free consultation call. If you’re based in London, I’ll even meet you for a coffee and a good old chit chat. And as the BarBelles squad is just getting started in its world takeover, you strong women who join by the end of May will get a special discounted monthly rate…

I can’t wait to have you join the BarBelles team.

Anna x