Bikini Fitness Goal Check In: Month 8

Don’t let my lack of a check-in last month fool you, my bikini fitness competition goal is still in full swing. And trust me, folks, it’s getting exciting now. It’s funny how things can all suddenly come together, and my latest progress photos have got me buzzing. OK, but before I get ahead of myself, let’s stick to the regular agenda shall we?


Weight is now back up to 50kg. This has been a deliberate increase as I was getting really lean and really quite hungry. The plan is now to stay as lean as possible while still putting on muscle mass, meaning that when showtime comes around I’m not going to have to do a super-extended prep, or mess around with depletion. I’m really happy with my weight right now and, for once, how I look too. This is all feeling very positive.


My coach has put me on a reverse diet to get those calories back up again and stop losing weight. It feels good to have more food, specifically more fat, back in the diet as like I previously mentioned, I definitely was starting to get hungry. My weight did continue to drop at first, but I had a few days of really bad tracking and indulging and this has stabilised things again funnily enough! Now it’s back to prepping my meals, tracking those macros and just being really on it, especially as I’m starting a new job next week. Being organised is definitely key for me when tracking food!


I had a bit of a blip this month thanks to having to go into hospital for some tests. It really threw me off kilter and I didn’t really ever regain momentum. However, when I did manage to get to the gym (back at my old haunt, Squats) I really enjoyed my workouts and saw some great progress, particularly with lower body exercises. Focus is very much back on isolation work now, really targetting my weak areas. So shoulders (still), hammies and glute medius. Strength work is still in there, though apparently I’m not going to be benching as much anymore sadly!


Ok, so you already know I’m super happy about my progress. I can barely contain my excitement. So I’m just gonna get to the progress photos…

Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Bikini Fitness Goal Progress Photo
July 2017 —-> March 2018
Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Bikini Fitness Goal Progress Photo
July 2017 —> March 2018
Running In Glass Shoes Fitness Blog Bikini Fitness Goal Progress Photo
July 2017 —> March 2018

Apparently, my quads love to grow. And the booty gains are looking pretty good too. Yup, I’m checking out my own butt, I worked hard to grow that baby. I just love how my body shape has changed so much. I’m still fairly straight up and down, but my back is a little wider which helps make my waist look a little narrower, and my legs are definitely no longer skinny!

So what does this all mean now? Well, my coach and I sat down this week to discuss my competition plan and the verdict is…first competition beginning of October and the second one in November. I am SO excited. It suddenly all feels really real, and very much like that hard work is finally paying off. Do keep checking back for these monthly check ins, it’s now only four months to show day…

Anna x

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