Pancake Day The Healthy Way

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Pancake Day The Healthy Way | Photo Credit: Freeletics

Are you even British if you don’t love Pancake Day? I have so many fond memories of my childhood, crowded around the one pan that was non-sticky enough to attempt to flip a pancake in, all crying out for different shapes before dousing the surviving crepes in sugar, lemon, strawberries and other toppings. It’s probably not the most diet-friendly of days though, and now I’m partnered up with a coeliac it throws a whole other obstacle my way. Not one for giving up, I took some advice from my friends at Freeletics for some fun, healthy alternatives this Pancake Day.

Flip The Ingredients

Ok, first things first, trying to show a coeliac Maltese man the wonders of Pancake Day means no normal flour,  but I can’t use nut flours either because then I can’t eat them! We really are a nightmare couple to feed. Corn flour is normally my go-to when swapping out plain flour – it’s just as easy to cook with and you still get light, fluffy crepes when you use it. Gluten-free oats (check they are definitely gluten-free when you buy them, some aren’t) blitzed up in a food processor until they’re a flour-like consistency also work brilliantly, with the added bonus of being ultra-filling if you have a long day ahead of you. Freeletics also cleverly suggest adding a pinch of cinnamon to your batter mix for added flavour, and you can also throw in a half-scoop of your favourite protein powder for pancakes with added gains.

And for American-style gluten-free pancakes, you cannot beat some mashed banana. My flatmate introduced me to this technique a while ago, and it’s honestly just plain delicious. All you need is two eggs, one-and-a-half large bananas, and some gluten-free baking powder. Whisk up the eggs with the baking powder and combine with the mashed-up banana. Then simply spoon a couple of spoonfuls of the mixture into a pan at a time for a delicious stack of mini-gluten free, low-calorie pancakes. Yum.

Have Fun with Toppings

I mean, you’ve got to have toppings right? I’ve always been a fan of the classic sugar and squeeze of lemon, but while I’m dieting I’m going to have to forgo that delight. Instead my pancakes this evening are going to be heaped with delicious berries: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are all on my list. Bananas and honey, rather than maple syrup, are also going to be making an appearance in our pancake topping choices this evening. I’m also going to be adapting Freeletics’ idea for a sugar-free chia jam: simply mix together and gently heat frozen berries, chia seeds and honey, and if you’re not allergic like I am then throw in some peanut butter too.

All that’s left to do is enjoy! What are some of your favourite healthy-pancake swaps?

Want more fitness-friendly Pancake Day inspiration? Check out the Freeletics Nutrition Coach for their pancake with creamy cashew sauce recipe. I’m so jealous I can’t have it. 

Anna x

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